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What is dieting used for? Is there anything that can be done about the weight, some method that will keep the weight off for good? Some are trying different physical activities and different diets, supplements are also used, even medications. But, have you tried a low carb diet? It is one of the diets that are supposed to be the most effective.


Diets are based on reducing the amount of certain nutrients. Usually, low carb diets are used and tried out first. Next option is low fat diet, while diets based on eliminating the proteins are used the least. But, there is always a problem. Basic nutrients are carbs, fats and proteins and they are not called nutrients without a good reason. These are substances that should be taken on a daily basis because they are required for normal functioning of all of our cells. Reducing one of those nutrients, especially carbs, will reduce the input of energy.

Since that energy has to be compensated, it will come from stored fat tissue and this is how fat burning process starts and weight is eliminated. Or at least it should be like that. The problem with reducing carbs, especially if it is drastic, is with the defensive systems in the organism. When the intake of carbs is reduced, the organism thinks that it is because of starvation, not knowing that it might be intentional. That is why the organism saves the sources of energy – fat tissue. But the energy has to come from somewhere and sometimes it comes from dissolving the proteins, which come from muscle tissue and that is not wanted in any diet. This is why when low carb diet is used, people start to crave for carbs. For this reason these nutrient specific diets should not last for long, because it is simply not healthy. What should be done instead is use a balanced and healthy eating.


This means that there should be many meals in a day with a lot of fruits and vegetables. There should also be meat (fish and poultry), whole grain food (source of carbs) and low fat dairy products (milk, cheese and yogurt). What does this mean? All nutrients should be used in a daily menu, although a bit reduced, if excessive weight is present. Normal, healthy eating and some physical activity are essential if a person wants to get rid of weight and to keep those pounds away for good.

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