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What Is Cardio Boxing?

Cardio exercises are known to be thebest possible ones for keeping one's body and mind healthy and ingood shape. Therefore, many professionals recommend these to be doneat least 3 times a week. However, there are many possible techniquesyou may practice once you start opting for a good cardio workoutroutine.

One of the best ones from this categoryis cardio boxing. This discipline provides your entire body with goodexercising, keeping you strong, helping you develop your coordinationtechniques, improve your speed and boost your stamina.

Once you start training cardio boxingon a regular basis, not only will you achieve all these benefits, butyou will also learn the basics of the incredibly useful boxingskills. Furthermore, you will make your heart stronger by adjustingyour heart rate through these kinds of exercises.

Therefore, all you need is a goodcardio boxing routine, consisting of a 10 minute beginner training,evolving into a 20 minute routine later, when you become more skilledand being followed by a 20 minute sequence of actual boxingtechniques.

How Does It Work?

In order to get the most out of yourcardio boxing workout, you need to know how to exercise. First, youneed to measure the necessary heart rate you desire to achieve. Youdo this by placing your index and middle finger on the artery on yourwrist, counting your pulse for 15 seconds and multiplying it by 4. Itis best to do this immediately after a short workout of this type.

Then, deduct your age from 220 and youwill get a certain number which will be your maximum heart rate.However, for the best workout of this type you need to advance from50% of your maximum, up to 60% and later to 70%.

Once you know this, stand with yourlegs shoulder apart, your left foot being in front and your heel onthat foot raised. Then protect your chin with your right fist,holding it in this height. Once you are in this position, you shouldpractice it until it gets natural. Switch positions of your limbsduring the process.

Finally, you are to introduce punches.Here you can use jabs, which are direct punches and hooks which arestruck sideways, from your shoulders, with your elbows slightly bent.Combine these and return to the defensive position after each punch.Also, make sure you rotate your body during punches, contributing tothe exercising factor.

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