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Getting wrinkles anywhere on the face is quite distressful for any person since it is referred to as a sign of aging. It is even more frustrating when one gets wrinkles on forehead at a young age, which tends to become more evident with age. The appearance of wrinkles on the forehead at young age raises concerns since it is not expectable to see a young person with the wrinkles on his/her forehead.

Causes of forehead wrinkles

Some people age earlier than others and the wrinkles represent the first mark of it. The skin is flexible and stretchy due to collagen and elastin, but their production is reduced with age and the skin becomes dry and wrinkled. Some people may even develop wrinkles on forehead even in their 20s due to the heredity factors.Photo aging is another cause for early developing of the wrinkles on the forehead and it happens due to long exposure to the harmful sun rays.Getting wrinkles on the forehead at a young age may also be caused by facial expressions and it is observed that the people who forcedly speak or express their emotions are more prone to develop wrinkles faster than the others.Developing wrinkles at a young age may be induced by pressing the face into the pillow when sleeping on the stomach, as well as by smoking, since smoking accelerates the aging process.Home remedies for wrinkles on forehead

It is necessary always to cover the skin with some good sunscreen whenever going out during the most intense sun blaze, and not only the facial skin but the whole skin and the hair as well. In most cases, early developing of wrinkles on forehead is induced by unhealthy lifestyle, so it is very important to make some changes like eating only healthy foods consisted of plenty of fruits and vegetables, having a good sleep every night, drinking plenty of water, avoiding smoking, alcohol and junk foods, exercising every day and reducing stress.

It is advisable to gently massage the forehead skin with warm coconut or olive oil, but if you have acne, do not apply the oil on them. The skin can be also massaged with Manuka honey and apple juice. The face should be always kept clean and it is very important to remove all the makeup prior to going to bed. Eating honey, ginger and garlic is also very beneficial for the health of the skin.

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