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Definition and causes

Wrinkles are a normal aestheticcomplement on one's face due to aging. As we grow older the skin onour face gets these lines on the spots where it moves during ourfacial expressions or movement. Also, habits like smoking andexposing one's self to pollution add on tho the list of causes.Nevertheless even though the two mentioned before are known causes the one think which provokes wrinkles to show on our skin is the sunitself. Sun rays containing ultraviolet rays affect our skin duringevery season throughout our life. Having that said it is not so hardto realize that we can hardly avoid wrinkles from appearing. What wecan do in the privacy of our homes using only natural cures isreducing or removing those wrinkles and preventing new ones fromappearing.

Do away with wrinkles easily

In most cases, juices of certain fruitsdo wonders while making our skin tighter and removing wrinkles.Applying sliced cucumbers, pineapple, papaya or lemon juice removewrinkles make the skin look younger and healthier and clean thesurface of our face. Of course, regular face washing and hygiene iscrucial when it comes to having a clean and healthy skin and face.These juices not only remove wrinkles, but any other imperfections onone's skin. Grapes are also known to remove wrinkles when sliced andapplied onto them, left for 20 minutes.

Massage works and should be done oftensince it acts beneficiary to the blood circulation on one's face thusaffecting the shape and condition of the skin as well. Massage thewrinkles directly with fast and circular motions of the tips of yourfingers. Coconut oil is a great supplement to the massage.

Also, if one has wrinkles on the chinor has a double chin pinching is very helpful in reducing them.

Useful recipes

If you suffer from marks under the eye,leave two metal spoons in the refrigerator over night and apply theirback ends onto the spots in the morning. Another morning cure iseating a spoon of shredded ginger with honey every morning.

Besides all these cures, propernutrition and hydration is crucial. Eat plenty of fruits andvegetables and drink a lot of water and vitamin rich juices. At the sametime, avoid alcohol, smoking and caffeine since they only speed upthe aging process and cause wrinkles in the first place.

Finally, wear sunscreen and eye andskin protection whenever exposed to excessive sun rays and heat.

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