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That boring wrinkles!

One of the biggest problems nowadays, which annoys every women are definitely wrinkles. Wrinkles are consequence of the aging, which destroys skin structure and leaves lines like small gaps in the skin. This esthetical problem usually appears on mouth, eye and neck area and represent one of the most irritant issues. There are some ways to cover the wrinkles that are less visible with various kinds of colored face creams, but that will not make them disappear.

Measures of precaution

It is essentially important to take care of this problem in the early phase, which means, during the early ages. There are some measures of precaution which are good to be listened as tips and advices. First of all, long- term exposure on the sun must be avoided, because it is causes the face lines. Not only that sun causes premature aging of our skin, it also makes us to squint, which also contributes to appearance of the wrinkles. Usage of the sun protective lotions with SPF above 20 and with strong UV rays repellent is highly advised even in morning and afternoon hours. Beside wrinkle development, overexposure to the sun can cause some serious skin diseases such as skin cancer and that is one reason more for using sun protection products. Also, a good tip is to apply some cooling, moisturizing lotion with regenerative capacity after the sunbathing.

Second very aggressive causer of wrinkles’ appearance is certainly smoking. It is very well known, that smoking is guilty for internal as well as external diseases of the body. Generally skin of the smokers is far more damaged, which leads to discolouring of the skin surface and appearing of the gaps in the skin structure. So the sooner we quit with this bad habit, the better our skin will look.

Anti-wrinkle treatment

One of the best therapies for face lines is daily usage of anti-aging capsules. In combination with them, day and night anti- aging face creams have shown great results. The best creams are ones which include collage, Coenzyme q10 and hyaluronic acid. Beside their powerful ability to reduce the visible lines, they also prevent new wrinkles from appearing.

Lastly, scientist have discovered that sleeping on your back side, also doesn’t allow wrinkles to form. That is because sleeping on the back keep our face away from crunching and stretching, that way, avoid unnecessary appearance of the face lines.

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