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Factors that causes wrinkles

Aging, sun damage and genetic predisposition and smoking are some of the factors that contribute to the wrinkles formation.


Skin becomes more fragile with the years and the wrinkles become more and more visible. The skin cells start to divide very slowly and the dermis of the skin becomes thin. There is also apparent change in elastin and collagen fibers in the skin, which causes the skin to become less elastic. Skin glands that produce sweat and sebum atrophy and leave the skin without the proper hydration and protection. As all organs in the body, skin needs more time to heal with aging.

Certain muscles of the face are frequently contracted, leaving wrinkles on the specific spots. Some people have frown lines between the eyebrows and others have lines in the corners of the eyes, known as the crow’s feet. If you have a habit to make certain facial expression often, it will be seen on your face when you get older. Additionally, gravity might make those facial lines even more prominent. Older people may have hanging chin and eyelids due to their age. There is an unusual effect of aging: as we get old, our eyebrows move upwards, not downwards. Forehead wrinkles might be responsible for this effect.


Photoaging is actually the sun damage to the skin. Being too long on the sun may cause the aging of your skin ad skin cancer. Ultraviolet rays (UVA and UVB) can damage the skin of young people, still in their 20s, not only older people. Ultraviolet radiation is proven to cause skin damage, wrinkles, skin problems and skin cancer. It also decreases the defense of human organism from different infections.

UV rays affect the collagen in our skin and damage it, and also cause abnormalities in the structure of another structural skin protein – elastin. The skin tries to repair the damage, but the process can’t be completed and it leaves the sun scars on the skin. These scars are known as the solar scars and the buildup of these scares may cause even more wrinkles.

There was a study to establish the function of the protective enzymes, which repair the sun damage. The study revealed that in people with light skin, these enzymes, metalloproteinases, stay elevated for a week after just 15 minutes on the sun. Metalloproteinases have the protecting function, but to protect the skin, they have to destroy some of the existing collagen, which causes more damage.

Other Wrinkling Factors

Smoking and air pollution produce free radicals that might seriously damage your skin, causing wrinkles and perhaps be the factors to be blamed for skin cancer. If you lost some weight, it could also be the cause of your wrinkles, especially if it was a crash diet, and you lost a massive amount of weight.

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