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Lies about Wrinkles

If you stand up from your chair rightnow and turn on the TV, you are bound to find at least one channelwhere there is an anti-aging, anti-wrinkle commercial being shown.Lately, the popularity of these products has skyrocketed since not asingle soul wants to get old, let alone allow these lines to appearon their facial or any other skin.

Yet, have you realized that thosesuperstars who spend more than you will even earn on their looks arestill unable to conceal all of their wrinkles? This is, believe it ornot, due to the fact that we all age and aging is an inevitableprocess. Wrinkles, being the main sign of your skin being flexiblefor quite some time, are, thereby, bound to appear sooner or later.

Nevertheless, people, especially women,spend a fortune on cosmetic products which promise to reverse theirage. At the end of the day, there is some effect to these treatments,but this is a far cry from what your face has been 10 years ago.

Therefore, concentrate on preservingyour skin and prevent wrinkles to appear, rather than trying toreverse time. The former method is much easier and achievable in thefirst place.

Keep Your Face Young

Some of the main causes of wrinkles areharmful ultraviolet rays of the sun and smoking. Thus, by avoidingthese two factors, you can keep your skin young for a longer periodof time.

Sun exposure, in the long run, causesour skin to be saggy, dry, full of freckles and other skindiscolorations and growths, along with wrinkles. Unprotected skin maypresent a back door for cancer to affect your body.

Thus, face, neck, shoulders, back ofthe hands and the tops of our forearms are areas the most exposed tothe sun. Subsequently, here, wrinkles are more likely to appearprematurely than on any other parts of our body. So, these are theparts we need to protect the most.

Plan B

Creams and other cosmetic products ofthis type are known to be effective for small, fine lines whichappear on your face. However, there are other types of wrinkles whichmay affect the surface of your facial skin. Deep creases are muchharder to treat and require plastic surgery.

You may want to look into the cause ofyour wrinkles before finding a possible cure. We all have differentcomplexions. So, some of us who have pale skin or a lightercomplexion, are more prone to sun damage. Cover your head, wearsunglasses and sunscreen and always keep your skin protected.

Use sunscreens which protect youagainst both UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays.

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