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The evidence of aging is best seenon our skin. First we notice small wrinkles around the eyes and on theforehead. After a couple of years, the wrinkle appears around the mouth and onthe neck. It can be very distressful and frustrating when we realize that welook older than we really are due to the wrinkles. The occurrence of thewrinkles and lines is nerve-racking, especially for women who pay attention totheir beauty and the beauty and health of their skin.

Natural ways to eliminate wrinkles

Since the beauty has become an imperativetoday, there are many treatments and products that promote healthy and youngskin. However, there are several natural remedies that are very effective ineliminating or reducing the wrinkles.

One of the herbs that are very beneficialfor our skin is green tea. It can be drunk, but this herb is also an ingredientof many creams for wrinkles since it is a great antioxidant and eliminates thetoxins that damage the skin and cause the wrinkles. The wrinkles and lines canbe successfully decreased or even eliminated and the skin becomes revitalizedand young due to the nutrients that are found in the green tea. It is proven that the elasticity of the skincan be improved when taking the combination of an oral supplement and a greentea cream.

Another natural remedy for thewrinkles is vitamin C. It is a great antioxidant that has many benefits forthe overall health. Collagen in the skin becomes more stable due to thisvitamin. Vitamin C should be applied topically on the skin.

Vitamin A is very effective remedy for the wrinkles since it promotes the buildof collagen fibers in the skin. Collagen fibers make our skin look younger. VitaminA also is good for the decrease of the pores and for fading of dark spotsthat appears due to aging.

Furthermore, egg whites are very potent for reducing the wrinkles under theeyes. Scent free castor oil is also recommended. It should be applied on theskin around the eyes, as well as on the throat.

The solution of 3 Vitamin E capsules and two spoonsof plain yogurt should be applied on the skin on the face and left about ten minutes.Moreover, green Thompson seedless grapes should be cut in two and then gentlypressed on the face. It should be left for about 20 minutes and then cleanedwith water.

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