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A Common Byproduct of Aging

Most of us, as we reach into the 30th and 40th years of our lives, tend to develop wrinkles, since our skin has been around for some time now. These can be quite a frustration for some people because prominent wrinkles are most often located on our face, acting as a trademark of our aging. Moreover, those on our forehead are the easiest to be seen and the largest at the same time. Thus, many people fall into desperation and start disregarding their youth solely due to the appearance of wrinkles on their skin. Little do they know that there are several ways of dealing with this problem easily and effectively. First of all, however, one needs to know the reasons behind wrinkles. Then, he or she can opt for more than a single solution for a successful treatment of this phenomenon.

Reasons behind Forehead Wrinkles

There are several main reasons behind these lines on your forehead skin. Firstly, the most common one is aging. Namely, as you grow older, you skin gets more and more deprived of collagen and elastin resulting in a decrease of its quality and ability to regenerate once deformed. Thus, wrinkles appear on the surface. Secondly, excessive exposure to sun rays is known to cause wrinkles as well, because of the harmful influence of its ultraviolet rays. Finally, one of common reasons is your own lifestyle. An inadequate diet, lack of physical activity and regular exercising as well as your tendency to make certain facial expressions, all potentially trigger the onset of this unwanted changes appearing on your skin.

Possible Treatment

Here, you have several options, too. You may opt for medical procedures involving either Botox injections or facelifts. The former involves injecting certain chemical into the muscles which cause wrinkles on your forehead. These substances disable muscular activity, resulting in the disappearance of wrinkles. The latter manifests through a surgical intervention, tightening your skin, thus doing away with any imperfections on it.

Alternatively, you might turn to nature and try to deal with this problem yourself. Then, you may use olive or vegetable oils, applying them on the annoying spots on your face, leaving them there for 15 minutes and washing them off. Some people consider a mixture of lemon and milk cream applied onto their face for half an hour before being washed with warm water the best possible solution. Finally, drinking carrot juice often, or rubbing lemon or papaya slices into the wrinkly parts of your skin all provide additional help.

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