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The Effect of Aging

We all grow old. So far, we have notmanaged to make this process disappear. Therefore, as we grow older,we experience certain changes affecting our organism. One of thefirst signs of getting old are wrinkles which appear for manydifferent reasons. As far as our forehead is concerned, we might havetwo different types of wrinkles on it. The first are long andhorizontal ones, found on the middle of our forehead and the shortvertical ones usually located between our eyebrows. These can appearon our forehead due to various causes, one of which is, of course,aging. If you are interested in knowing more about this phenomenon,read on.

Reasons behind Forehead Wrinkles

Apart from the above mentioned cause ofwrinkles, being the byproducts of reaching mature or old age, thereare many other reasons behind these phenomena. Additionally, wrinklestake place due to our constant muscle movement in the area, since wespent years expressing the same numbers of emotions repeatedly. Intime, our skin loses its elasticity and the wrinkles, thereby,appear. Also, spending too much time in the sun can lead to theseappearances on our forehead, caused by the exposure to harmfulultraviolet rays. Malnutrition is also a possible cause, becauserapid weight loss can make one's face look skinny and all thewrinkles more prominent. Vitamin E deficiency has the same result.Finally, being a cigarette smoker for a long period of time caninfluence the creation of wrinkles on your face greatly.

How To Prevent Wrinkles on Forehead?

Since there are many different causesof these wrinkles, the treatment greatly depends on each one of theseunderlying factors. Thereby, if you suffer from vitamin deficiency,increasing your intake of vitamin A, E, C can do the trick and makeyour skin tighter. Also, minerals are crucial and you are advised totake enough zinc and selenium. All this you can find in milk, eggs,lettuce, nuts and seeds, spinach and broccoli. Additionally, rememberthat hydration is crucial and, therefore, make sure you drink atleast 8 glasses of water daily.

You might also provide your foreheadexercises in order to remove wrinkles from it. Placing your fingerbetween your eyebrows and raising the eyebrows up while keeping themuscle down is an excellent exercise. Also, you might pull youreyebrows close together and then set them apart as much as possible.Finally, tightening your forehead muscles and practicing emotionslike frowning and excitement can contribute to the tightness of yourskin and the disappearance of wrinkles.

Alternatively, there are topical orsurgical treatments you might opt for like using sunscreen or naturalmasks to protect and regenerate the skin on your face, or choosingbotox, facelifts and other such methods for removing wrinkles quicklyand effectively.

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