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As we are getting old, we all experience emerging of tiny lines around our eyes, mouth or in the forehead- wrinkles. If you have wrinkles it is a clear sign that your skin craves for water. During time our skin loses moisture that it had before. Whet you need to do to make wrinkles less visible is to restore moisture and elasticity. There are several home remedies that may improve situation.

You can massage your area of skin with wrinkles using coconut oil every night. It is known that B complex vitamins protect skin so eat more wholegrain food and eggs. B vitamins supplements are also great option. Other vitamins that your skin needs are vitamin A, C and E. Therefore include raw fruit and vegetables, nuts, flaxseed oil and other food rich in these vitamins or simply add a tablet of multivitamin to your lunch.

You can add olive oil and honey into your favorite anti rid cream. Spend lots of time in fresh air and avoid smoking and consuming alcohol since you will speed up appearance of new wrinkles. Lemon juice is mighty solution on both wrinkles and blemish. Apply on a cotton swab and wipe your face few times daily. Another option is to squeeze green pineapple and apple and apply this juice on your face.

Core of a pineapple is traditional cure for wrinkles. Rub your face with it, leave for about ten minutes and wash it off. Collect rosemary leaves (you need about half a cup), put them into two cups of water and boil them. Next step is to add brandy. After some while strain the mixture and use it to clean your face. Another tip is to wash your face regularly with colder water since warm one will initiate wrinkles.

Turmeric powder, since generally great for skin and overall health, can be mixed with sugarcane. A paste made from these two can be applied on face as a mask. This will prevent wrinkles from appearing. Consuming ginger root with honey will make your skin beautiful.

Take a metal spoon and put it in a freezer. In the morning when you wake up put it on your eyes. This will help you get rid of puffiness, dark circles under eyes and it will make wrinkles less visible. You can make a tonic for your face using vodka, fennel seeds and honey. You need 2 tablespoons of vodka, the same amount of honey and half the amount of fennel seeds. Mix them all together and leave them three days to merge.

Castor oil can be used as massaging agent to stop the wrinkles. Avoid strong sun as this will dry your skin and increase aging effects. Always use adequate sun block. Every night before going to sleep apply your anti rid cream.

When massaging skin massage it upwards to improve firmness and elasticity. Increase intake of zinc and calcium since both minerals are excellent on skin. Cucumbers are traditional cure for wrinkles. Slice them and put them on your face. Rinse after about half an hour.

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