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A lot of people feel stressed when they notice the first wrinkles under their eyes since they are a sign of aging. This problem usually affects older people, but some studies have recently shown that a lot of young people deal with the same problem.


Many people want to know how to get rid of the under eyes wrinkles, but many more yearn to know the causes of it. Due to aging or some other reason, the elasticity of the skin starts to decrease and that could be one of the causes of the under eye wrinkles. You should know that the constant movement of the eyes and blinking are some of the most common reasons of the appearance of under eye wrinkles. Ultraviolet rays of the sun can have a really harmful effect on both, our eyes and the skin under and around them, but you can prevent yourself from having wrinkles under the eyes by using sunscreens. If you tend to squint when out in the sun, you may experience the wrinkles under your eyes. You should also be aware of the fact that smoking is progressing the appearance of the under eyes wrinkles. Some more causes of the under eye wrinkles include genetics, allergies, stress, wrong sleeping position, etc.


There are various treatments for the wrinkles under the eyes. You can use eye creams containing retinol, which is a form of vitamin A that makes the skin soft and smooth. You need to be patient and use the cream for a couple of months to see the pleasing results. You should wash your skin thoroughly and use oil free moisturizer on daily basis in order to prevent and reduce the under eye wrinkles. You can also opt for the more expensive choice of injecting Botox on the wrinkled skin, which will become smooth and soft after the procedure. You should consult a specialist before undergoing this treatment. There are also some other options to get rid of wrinkles around and under eyes and they are dermabrasion, eyelift or collagen injections.

Home Remedies

All of the above mentioned treatments are very good for curing wrinkles under eyes, but not all of them help young people who deal with the same problem. For instance, Botox injections are not good for people who are less than thirty years of age, but there are a couple of good home remedies that can help with this problem at young age. A healthy diet, a proper amount of vitamins and proteins and enough sleep and rest can help you get rid of the wrinkles under eyes. You can put the mixture of the face cream, honey and olive oil in a bowl and blend them thoroughly. Apply it on your face and especially on the area under the eyes. You can also use castor or coconut oil and massage the wrinkles under the eyes with it, or try rubbing the face with lemon juice or core of pineapple to achieve great results in getting rid of the under eye wrinkles. You can leave two metal spoons in the refrigerator over night and place them over your eyes in the morning, since, it is also a good remedy.

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