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We can say that there are the two basic types of workout, those that are all about cardio exercises and those that are all about building muscle mass.

Cardio workout

Experts say that cardio exercises are the best for making a fit body, for reducing the fat tissue and for creating an overall healthy organism. Exercises included in this type of workout are running and swimming. Those are common motions, something that we perform normally and those two just might be the safest and best fat burners when it comes to exercising. If lack of space and time does not allow for those to be performed, then some aerobics can be done. Forms in aerobics are light, do not require too much strength, and they can be repeated many times, which is the basic of cardio workout. The ultimate cardio workout would be something in the line of triathlon, which includes running followed by swimming and by riding a bicycle. Only well prepared athletes can endure this type of competition. Mechanism of cardio workout revolves around the use of oxygen. Since the forms are slow and light, there is enough time for oxygen to be involved in the process of muscle working mechanism.

Muscle building

That is not happening with anaerobic forms. Anaerobic exercises facts tell us that while exercising, there is no time for oxygen to enter the muscle functioning process. This is because exercise is performed quickly and a lot more strength is needed for performing. This results in creation of lactic acid, which does not allow indefinite exercising because it induces muscle tiredness. This is excellent for building muscle mass, but it is not so good for fat reduction process, although a lot of energy is needed for performing the exercises. Muscle mass building in order to be continuous, needs additional increase of the additional weight. Adding more weight must be done each time a practitioner feels that lifted weight is not that heavy. 


Some experts say that those who perform aerobic cardio exercises could implement non-aerobic exercises in order to further improve strength and endurance. This combination might be strenuous and intensive, but is an excellent thing to do when it comes to creating a perfectly healthy and shaped body. In order to reach that state, supplements should be used in both types of exercising. Those supplements include fat burners, muscle mass gainers, energy boosters, vitamins, cocktails etc. Also, a healthy diet is needed for the results to be the best possible.

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