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Fat burning is the process needed to be activated by those people who are having problems with excessive weight. This process can be induced in several ways, but the most common method is by exercising. This does not mean just any type of workout; cardio exercising should be applied.

Cardio benefits

Cardio exercising is aerobic type of workout, which should be the most effective when it comes to fat burning process. This is because of the mechanism of muscle contraction which happens slowly. This slow rate is enough for performing this workout type because low power output is needed. In this situation, oxygen can be present because there is enough time for this gas to become the part of the process. And the side product of muscle work will be produced minimally and that is what enables people to exercise for a long time when it comes to cardio workout. Since most of the cardio exercising is based on moving the entire body, fat burning happens wherever excessive fat is present. This is why experts say that this is a better option when fat burning should be activated. In muscle mass building, usually one or two muscles are active, one muscle group at the best, so definitely less calories are burned.


Running is one of the most effective cardio exercises, but it requires certain conditions, running track being the first issue. Therefore, people use treadmills more and more, and not only that, there are some new devices that might be even better than a treadmill. One of those is an elliptical trainer. People who want to burn fat with an elliptical trainer should know that this device demands different sort of motions than running (treadmill). Movements performed with elliptical trainer resemble those performed in ski walking. This type of movement is very demanding physically because the entire body is involved including almost all muscle groups. As for the movements of torso, they are bigger than with running. Running does not need a lot of rotation in the hip area, which is emphasized with elliptical trainer. Also, arms are more involved in this type of exercising.

Whatever is chosen, since this is cardio workout, it has to be done for at least 30 minutes. To make the training session even more intensive, tempo of performing must be changing during the entire session. This will keep the muscles always active, which will keep spending the calories and that is what people with excessive weight definitely need.

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