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There are different types of workouts and the one you chose should depend on your personal needs or preferences. Cardio exercises are excellent for those people who do not think much of bulked up muscles and only want a good shape and lean muscles. Muscle mass building is usually preferred by men and it is all about strengthening the muscles and making them big.


Cardio workout can be as strenuous and intensive as any muscle building workout. A body will be put under a lot of physical stress and this will net the positive effects wanted. A most important change is a reduction of the excessive fat tissue, which is more emphasized than with muscle mass building. Also, overall weight is reduced more with cardio workout because muscle mass is heavier than fat tissue. Basic cardio exercises include running, swimming, aerobics, yoga and these training sessions can be performed for a long period because of the aerobic nature of the muscle contraction. This means that oxygen is included in the process and it is responsible for slowing down the process of lactic acid accumulation, thus postponing tiredness of the muscles. This is essential for long periods of exercising, which is great for a fat burning process.

Besides basic exercises that can be performed, there are also those that are done with some sort of tool or machine. When it comes to running, it can be done on a treadmill. A more advanced device is an elliptical trainer. Elliptical trainer workout is very effective when it comes to weight reduction and it can be done as an individual exercise or implemented in some training session. The point of elliptical trainer is to keep the body in constant motion, including both, arms and legs. The motion performed is similar to a skiing walk. Leg motion is a bit different, because it is performed vertically, more than horizontally. Also, moving arms and hips activates the entire upper body more intensively than running.


Always be careful when purchasing elliptical trainer or any other similar device. It is always better to buy a name brand product that has a warranty.

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