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There are several different workout programs. They can be based on the type of muscles created, whether bulking up effect or lean muscles is emphasized. This is closely related to the workouts divided into those that use additional weight and those that utilize body's weight only. And there are probably the most interesting forms, those based on combining several different workout types.

Workout plan

Actually, the chosen type should depend on the needs of the organism. It would be a bit pointless to focus on increasing the muscle mass only, while there is a lot of excessive fat present, for example. It is true that performing exercises for muscle growth will also reduce fat tissue to a certain level, but that will happen much more intensively while performing cardio workout, although, it is important for a training session to be something a person will like and enjoy. Without it, many people become bored with exercising. With this said, it is obvious that it is not so easy to find a perfect workout plan.


Once the fat is gone, or at least reduced to a minimum, the true muscle mass building should begin. Weight lifting workout program should consist of exercises that target several muscle groups at the same time, but also, from that group only one muscle group should be chosen. Usually, there are certain muscle groups that are bit less developed comparing to the rest of the body and they need special attention. They will be developed with the help of the exercises that affect several groups, but it might be better to work them out individually.

When lifting weight, it is important to increase the amount of weight lifted periodically. This means that using the same weight will become pointless after a while, because muscles will become used to that weight and the muscle growth process will be stopped. When creating a plan, it is important to focus one region in one training session. For example, bench press and all its variations should be enough for one day, while the next day can be all about legs, and the day after that one can be dedicated to emphasizing arms. It is also essential to leave at least one day in a week for resting. Some would use that day for a total cardio workout. This will use the same muscles in a different way, which is the base of cross training. Since the muscles are not affected in the same way, it can be said that they are resting, while also under contraction thanks to cardio session.

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