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When it comes to toning the body, there are several things that must be done and those things depend on what the practitioner actually needs. Usually, most people who enter the gym or who start home workout want to reduce the weight and to increase muscle strength. Unfortunately, in spite of efforts and sacrifice, some areas are still problematic for some people. For example, male breasts, or so-called man boobs is a problem that many men have to deal with. In order to eliminate this problem, there are several breast reduction exercises that should be applied.

Fat and muscle tissue

It has to be established what exactly must be done. This means that perhaps fat is more or less gone from the breast area, but a lot of skin is left behind and that has to be filled with muscles. On the other hand, problem might be in the presence of a lot of fat tissue, which must be removed. Still, whatever the reason, there are certain exercises that should be performed no matter what type of workout is chosen.

Cardio workout

Cardio training session is excellent for reducing the excessive fat tissue. Those exercises would be running, swimming, aerobics, etc. The entire point of cardio workout is that it affects several muscle groups in the body as much as possible, but still with low level of strength used and with slow muscle contraction. Slow contraction will disable lactic acid for some time, just enough for the exhaustion of muscles to be postponed.


In order to increase muscle mass, resistance training must be performed, meaning that additional weight must be used in order to induce the growth of muscle cells and fibbers and also to increase the space between the muscle cells, which is the main reason for emerging of the bulk upeffect.

As for forms used for reducing breasts, push up might be an ideal form. It is an exercise that affects several muscle groups, and it is not something that will affect only one muscle. Push-ups are great for the breast area but there are also some similar things that should be done. For example, bench press and all its variations are welcomed (changing the inclination and the weight lifted).

It is also essential to eat properly. All that junk food that might create more fat tissue is forbidden. Healthy, balanced eating with a moderate training session is all that is actually needed.

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