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Exercising for Old Folks

Seniors often neglect their body once they reach a certain age. This is fairly understandable, since living becomes much harder once your body becomes weaker and less flexible and mobile. Nevertheless, seniors can get back in shape by working out through weight lifting. These activity, practiced on a daily basis, will make their muscles strong and capable of burning enough fat to lose those extra pounds accumulated through the years.

Still, before a senior is to start an exercise program, he/she should get examined by a doctor, who will suggest the proper exercise program, depending on the health of the person. If you are allowed to start exercising safely, you should always start with a good warm up, or even dedicate the onset of your physical activity to getting in adequate shape before even grabbing those weights.

Workout Program for Seniors

Before you start working out with weights, perhaps you should boost your aerobic skills a bit, making your heart stronger and metabolism faster, while, at the same time, burning some extra calories. This can be done with cardio exercises such as swimming, walking, riding a bicycle or running.

Once you have yourself in good shape, you should stretch and warm up before the start of your weight lifting program. Also, it is best to work out in a gym, since there is a plenty of positive encouragement there and your trainer can always be there to help you, additionally, make your exercise plan focus on different body parts and muscle groups, creating a thorough workout program. Abs, back, shoulders, chest, arms and legs are all the necessary basics.

Moreover, all exercises you perform should, should include 10 repetitions. Provide your body enough rest between the exercises in order to have enough strength to endure the whole process. As for the weights, advance gradually, increasing the weight only after you find the current weight getting too easy to lift. In cases of any pain or discomfort, consult both with your trainer and your doctor, making sure everything is ok. Finally, do not forget to be patient and persistent in order to see the right results and take all the necessary supplements to get you to your physical fitness easier and quicker.

There are many benefits to this type of exercising for the elderly. Many diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, bone, heart and back problems can be suppressed or negated by this kind of lifestyle.

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