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There is a myth associated with the growth impairment ofthose who are into weight lifting. The following text will focus on this issueand we will see if this is true or not.

Weight Lifting

This is a popular opinion and most people think that it is true because itseems logical. Pressure will decrease the growth, while exercises and stretchingaid growth and this is the logic on which this belief is based on. But this is not true because the body operates in a different way. Geneticsinfluence the growth and not exercises and weight lifting. Growth cannot beaided a lot with exercises, but it can make your body stretch alittle. Pressure should not be applied on the soft bones which are indevelopment, but the growth of these bones will not be impaired by the weightlifting. However, do not exaggerateand wait with more demanding routines once the growth period ends. Get a goodtrainer and work out in a correct form and technique, but bear in mind that it is also importantnever to stress your body too much. Teens should avoid weight lifting because it can lead to injuries.Know that you can work with weight with which you can do 10 repetitions.

Teens and Weight Lifting

It is important to follow certain safety tips in order to avoid injuriesbecause, as we have said, bones can get damaged since they are in the developmentstage. Always begin the routine with smaller weights or cardiovascular exercises.The workout program and your body fitness will have to be in the same level ofadvancement. Weight lifting should be introduced in the routine after theswimming and running exercises, which are excellent for beginners. Trainers mustbe found to work with because you will get some very important tips that willhelp you in realizing the essentials and how to get the best workout. Jointsand bones can suffer damage if you do a routine wrong, so the body movement mustbe excellent. Endurance and stamina should be increased because this will helpyou on the long run. It is important to listen to your body and not to look atother people in the gym who work with heavier weights. Everybody has adifferent body, so do not compete and stick with your plan and abilities. Teenscan aid their growth with certain exercises, such as limb lengthening, becauseonce the developing period ends, they will not be able to do this. Be carefulif you are a teen and practice weight lifting because you are still in developmentand the effects of weight lifting on teens have not been fully tested andestablished.

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