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Weights and women

For all those womenseeking to improve the looks of their body in terms of firmness, as well asvigor, training with weights is more than desirable and considered miraculous. All a woman has to do is opt for a training program best suited to her needs. One well known program is Melt the Fat by Lynn Vandyke, who isknown as a certified personal trainer, as well asnutritionist.

Coming back to themost obvious benefits of this type of exercise is the fact that weight liftingmakes woman’s bones much stronger, which can prove to be vital in the old agefor avoiding such unpleasant conditions as osteoporosis. However, oneimportant discrepancy, in comparison to men’s weight lifting is that women doit for completely different reasons, i.e. without any desire to becomebodybuilders, at least when it comes to the greatest majority of women.

Myths and facts

One of the prevailingmyths when it comes to women weight training is that, by means of it, a woman isset to make her body bulky, no exceptions whatsoever. But the fact is that thebest and the only way to make your body firm is by training with weights. And asa matter of fact, this is true as much as another myth that states that solely aerobics is all a person requires for getting rid of the excessive weighttroubling him/her. On the one hand, it is a fact that men employ weight liftingexercises to build on their muscles, whereas women, on the other hand, can makethe best use of these exercises in order to bring their muscles into thedesired state, as well as bring back the youthful firmness and boost ontheir overall endurance and energy levels.

Considered to be oneof the prevailing reasons, which is at the root of male bulkiness is the factthat this occurs as a direct consequence of metabolic and hormonaldiscrepancies. And these occur due to the presence of greater quantities oftestosterone, muscle fibers makeup, as well as biochemical alterations, makingit physiologically practically impossible for a woman to acquire such a body.

How to solve thepuzzle

The best way to dothis is by limiting the number of exercise sets a woman does in the course of atraining. Namely, typical workout for men is based on 10 to 15 sets targeted ata specific part of the body. So, for women the boundary should be 4 to 5 sets,and as for repetitions, they should be done no more than 7 to 8 times.

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