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What is there to know about bodybuilding basics? Many willsay that it is about bulking muscle mass, but that is only the tip of theiceberg. Reaching the state of perfectly muscled body requires mental strength,a lot of sacrifice and an overall healthy behavior. This is something many hopeto achieve but only few actually succeed in that.


Muscles are the major element used for performing allpossible motions, and they are also found in the walls of inner organs. Heart is a specific muscle organ that never stops working and therefore should be treated asbest as possible. As for the muscles that can be seen, those are the targetof bulking up. Beginners usually start with arms and abs, since the bulkingeffect on those two is an excellent motivator for continuing with exercises.The problem is that there are other muscles that should not be neglected either.Those are back muscles, since those make the entire body stable and there arelegs. Somehow, legs are always left for the last work out form, and sometimesquadriceps exercises are simply skipped. This is pointless because withincreasing muscle mass, overall weight will increase and strong legs are neededfor carrying that bulked up torso. That can be achieved only with intensivequadriceps strengthening exercises. Quadriceps is a muscle positioned on thefront of the upper part of the leg. As its name says, it has four parts thatbegin in hip and upper leg area and all finish with tendons in knee area.


Exercising legs is easy and a basic technique is a squat. Simply crouchand stand up and repeat it. Of course, at the beginning, only the weight ofpractitioner is needed, nothing more. But later on, that weight will be insufficientand that means additional weights are needed. In a gym, that is providedusually with barbell. Raising weight on barbell will ensure the muscle mass isconstantly growing.

Another exercise includes using a leg extension machine.Procedure is simple, you sit and position your feet behind the bar and startelevating the bar. This seems simple but it actually can exhaust a practitioner.Last exercise is a simple step on form. Step up and down from some elevatedsurface. Of course, this is done with dumbbells in hands. More weights indumbbells ensure better effect. These three techniques are more than enough for strongquadriceps. If something more is wanted, it is obvious that the use of supplementsis needed.

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