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Working in a gym can be directed in so many different ways, but usually, increasing the muscle mass in one of the major things that people who enter the gym want to achieve. With this said, it is obvious that resistance training is mostly performed in a gym. There are exercises that emphasize the strength of the entire body, but usually, exercises that focus one or couple of muscle groups are done. Beginners should use as much help as available, so here are some bodybuilding workout tips for bigger arms, pecs and abs.


For the first couple of sessions, even though many experts recommend to start with the program immediately, it might be better to try out all devices and exercises. This will activate the muscles and a practitioner will establish whether some muscles need additional focus or not. This should last no more than a week, and after that, a program should be followed. It should be known that arms are almost always active and they only need some additional focus in order to reach the maximum development. So, in order to have big arms, biceps, triceps, forearms and shoulders should be exercised.

For biceps, there is no better exercise than bicep curl. Some would say that this exercises might be a waste of time because only bicep is basically affected, but there is nothing more effective for this muscle. This exercise should be done with barbell, because more weight can be lifted like this. A practitioner should be in a normal standing position, with arms relaxed by the torso, holding barbell with hands. Arms should be lifted up, but only forearms, while elbows should not be moving at all, which also goes for the upper part of the arm. This not moving part is very important, because that is the only way of ensuring that the biceps is the only muscle responsible for performing the motion, which raises the effectiveness of the exercise.

As for triceps, there are two major exercises that should be done and one is done with the help of dumbbells. A practitioners stands with an arm stretched and raised above the head, holding the dumbbell in hand. Then the forearm is lowered to the back, behind the head, again without moving the elbow and upper part of the arm. The other exercise is triceps dips. Basically, two parallel bars need to be set at the waist level or higher with enough space between them for the practitioner to be positioned. Bars are grabbed and legs are bent in knees. This leaves the entire body hanging in the air, clinging to bars with stretched arms, set aside torso. All that has to be done now is to lower the body by bending the arms in elbows and then pulling up.


Another good tip for beginners is to use a diet. Well, this is not a tip, but this is something that has to be done. Not a rigorous diet, but something that will complement the workout when it comes to the energy needed for the organism. Of course, junk food is forbidden!

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