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It is true that most of the people desire strong muscles, while being completely fit is not so important. This is mostly what defines men and their vision of being healthy. Women have a bit different tendencies, thinking that strong muscles are needed, but putting the lean body at the first spot, as something that is essential when it comes to a human body (lean body is related with attractiveness, but this means that health aspect is always in the background, for both men and women).


Since beauty and attractiveness are important, this means that certain areas should be perfected when it comes to both fat loss and muscle strengthening. One of the most troubling areas is definitely the abdominal area, but there are also some other regions that require a bit more attention. Arm toning exercises are also important, especially for men, because there are a lot of muscles to develop here. So, what are the main arm toning exercises, at least when it comes to men?

Bicep curl

This is one of the basic muscles mass building exercises and also an exercise that will emphasize one of the biggest muscles in the body and definitely the biggest muscle in the arm – biceps. It is usually performed from a standing position and it can be done with either barbell or dumbbells. Bar is held with relaxed hands usually set at the shoulders width. To start the exercises, arms are bent in elbows and forearms are moved up, while the upper part of the arms should not move. This will make the biggest impact on the biceps and to ensure that only those muscles are affected, the body must not be moved. Some practitioners jerk the body from back to front with extending the spine, making some sort of body swing. This will make the exercise easier and that is simply not wanted. Also, elbows should stay in place as much as possible.

This exercise can be done with dumbbells too, with the same principle. Dumbbells can be raised at the same time, or alternatively, but the result is the same. Because of the mentioned problems during exercises, it is essential to use a proper additional weight. Weight should be set at level which will ensure having 6 to 12 proper reps in at least three sets. Other great exercises for arms are triceps dips, then some forms that use the resistance band, push-ups for overall toning and arm strengthening etc.

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