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Each day more and more people decide to start home workoutinstead of going to a gym. This is mainly thanks to availability of info regardingthe exercising and strengthening the body. For example, media and internet aregreat sources of all kinds of info and are used for learning everything aboutworkout. Because of this, creating a good workout plan is not a problem now,all that is left is executing that program.

Workout types

There are several ways to exercise and develop the body, butit can be said that two basic forms are muscle mass building and creating leanand fit body. Muscle mass building is done with the help of additional weight throughresistance training, while lean body is achieved with the help of cardioworkout. Both of these can be done at home, although muscle mass building mightneed some instruments in the form of barbell and dumbbells. But are there anyexercises that might be done for strengthening the body without the use ofweights?

Pull ups

There are several basic forms which are essential when itcomes to developing the muscles without the use of additional weight. Those arepush-ups, pull-ups, crunches, sit-ups, spot jogging, aerobics, although cardio is more for shaping the muscles than for bulking them up. Pull up is anexcellent exercise although it is not easily done. Pull ups strengthen the coremuscles, torso and arms, even legs are affected to a certain point, so it can besaid that they develop muscles for the entire body. How is this exercises done? Thistechnique requires a bar which should be set above the head and positionedfirmly so it can withstand the weight of the body. A practitioner needs to grabthe bar with hands and relax the entire body, with legs stretched and relaxedtoo. If the bar is not high enough for this position, then legs can be bent inknees, which will create some additional effect. From this starting position, allthat is required is pulling up with arms.

There are two ways of doing this exercise, and one is withusing only the strength of the arms, while the other uses the entire body. This secondform is done with jerking the entire torso up at the moment when arms are bendingfor lifting the body. It has to be said that this is a very hard exercise andit requires really strong arms, especially if the body is heavy. Still, this isa great thing to do to strengthen the muscles of several areas in the body.

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