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Muscles: making them big!

Exercising means different things for people. Some just want to lose weight, some want to be healthy and some want to increase muscle mass, to make muscles as strong as possible. Bulking up body is a result that many people who exercise want and that can be done both at home and in a gym.

Muscle mass

Increasing muscle mass is done with the help of resistance training. This means that for performing the exercise (weight lifting) muscles need to overcome the weight (which creates resistance). As weight is increasing, resistance is becoming bigger and that creates more effect when it comes to muscle mass. When muscle mass is growing, the number of muscle cells and fibers is increasing and that also goes for the space between the muscle cells, which is the main cause of bulking up effect.


Weight used for muscle mass comes in various forms, barbell, dumbbells, workout machines; even the weight of the body can be used for this process. There are some exercises that use only the weight of the body and still the muscle mass is increasing. Most popular among such exercises is push-up. It is done by propping the body on the floor with palms and feet. The body is parallel to floor and the spine and legs have to be in one straight line. Arms are stretched and by bending them in elbows, the body is lowered almost to the floor and then it goes up. This is a very simple form, which is excellent for building the muscles in arms, torso, shoulders and even abs, back and legs are affected.

Using more weight is needed once exercises with body’s weight only reach their limit. Once they become easy, a person will have to use some more weight in order to keep the muscles always growing. One of the most popular exercises done with barbell is a bench press. This exercise needs a bench, which has weight holders installed. A practitioner is lying on the back from where it is easy to grab the barbell, lift it and begin lowering it and leveling it up. There are many variation of this exercise and all of those are targeting arms, pecs and shoulders, depending on the incline of the bench, position of the arms etc.

It might be said that people who enter the gym for increasing the muscle mass can think only about the muscles and making them big! In this process, not only exercises are needed, there are also supplements for muscle growth and muscle recovery.

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