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Exercising with or without using additional weight differs in one essential thing – nature of the workout. Weights create resistance for the muscles, which has to be subdued for performing the motions of the exercise. This is what causes muscles to become tired fast during the muscle mass building workout. This does not happen in exercising without the help of weights, because low level of strength is needed and oxygen is also present, which all contributes to a slow accumulation of lactic acid. This acid is responsible for tiredness of the muscles, which means that exercises without weights or with low weights can be performed for a longer period than those that use additional weight.

Muscle mass

Muscles are the main focus of all exercises. Building lean or bulked up muscles will tone them and also remove the additional fat tissue. This is the main change when it comes to surface of the body. Also, it has to be mentioned that almost always some area requires additional attention. Usually, it is abdominal region, but there are some other areas too that might present a problem. Those are legs, back, arms etc. Arm exercises usually involve additional weight in the form of dumbbells and barbell, but it can be said that almost all exercises affect arm muscles to a certain level.


Triceps muscles are usually exercised after biceps are developed. This is a common mistake of all beginners and at some point, it happens that biceps are bulked up significantly with undeveloped triceps. The entire arm must have developed biceps, triceps, shoulders and forearms. There are several techniques for triceps exercises with dumbbells and barbell which create impressive results in a relatively short time.

Common exercise requires from a practitioner to stand normally with legs spread at the shoulder width for a better posture. An arm is raised above the head with a dumbbell in hand. Hand is then lowered backward towards the spine, but without moving the upper part of the arm. Forearm is rotated in elbow and this is the motion that will affect the triceps significantly. Similar exercise requires the arm to be relaxed and stretched beside torso. Torso is bent forward slightly and if one arm is occupied with weights, the other is usually used for keeping the balance. The entire arm with weight is moved backward until the triceps is maximally affected. From that point, the arm swings forward and can end with a slight bicep curl. These are basic forms and there are several variations that should be applied; for example, first exercise can be done while lying on the bench, with weights in both hands etc.

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