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To increase the muscle mass and tone muscles liftingadditional weight should be done. But, what about those people who are notinterested much in extra weight? How you can build the best physique withnatural bodybuilding? Is there are a way to create a strong and fit bodywithout dumbbells, barbell and numerous gym machines?


Additional weight really increases muscle mass, but that isnot the only weight lifted. Basic weight a body needs to wrestle with is actually the weight of the body. This is just enough weight for some natural bodybuildingand for increasing muscle mass up to a certain level. And when there are severalextra pounds present, that can only create more desired effect when it comes to musclemass.


As for exercises used in natural bodybuilding,there are several that should be used all the time.

First of all – the push-ups.This is universal exercise that affects the entire body, with a focus on arms.Push-up is performed with a person parallel to the floor, with a body proppedon palms and feet. Arms are stretched and it is very important for the neck, spineand legs to be in one line without bending. Push-up is performed with bendingarms in elbows and lowering the entire body towards the floor. Lowering endsjust above the floor and then the body goes up, with stretching arms. Palms areset at shoulder width, but that distance can be changed. With changing thatdistance, focus shifts from the arms towards the triceps and shoulders. The distance betweenfeet can also differ, level of legs instead of palms fingers can be used, onearm instead of two etc.Pull up is another great exercise that affects arms, torso,legs and abs. It is done with the help of the horizontal bar positioned abovethe head level. A practitioner grabs the bar with hands and relaxes the entirebody with stretched arms. Pull up is what its name says – a person pulls thebody up with the strength of arms. Pull up can be done only with arms, or if itis too hard, with the help of body jerking.Abdominal exercises – crunches are one of the most effectiveexercises for the abdominal region. They are done with a practitioner lying on theback with stretched legs. Raising legs and torso at the same time is how acrunch is performed.

Other exercising forms that should be performed for naturalbodybuilding are planks, squats, triceps dips etc.

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