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There are several muscles groups that should be exercised. Somewould say that all muscles should be equally developed, but that is really hardto achieve and usually leads into professional bodybuilding, which takes a lot oftime, certain amount of money and a lot of dedication. This is somethingmost people are simply not willing to sacrifice, especially the money part.

Muscle groups

Several muscle groups that are usually exercised anddeveloped through physical activity are pectoral area, arms, abdominal musclesand legs (usually quads). As for pectoral muscles exercise, there are two thingsthat work best and they are push ups for those who do not use additionalweight and bench press for those who prefer barbell.

Push ups

This is a great exercise that should be implemented in alltraining sessions, with or without additional weight. Actually, there is aweight of the body lifted in this exercise, so as body is heavier, muscles are growingmore. Push ups should be done in several different ways. Difference is createdwith changing the position of hands on the floor, with alleviating the level ofleg position, with clapping hands while going up, also using one hand only etc.One of the most difficult push ups is the one done in reverse stand up. Those who cannot do it properly should do it next to a wall, so that feet can lean on it.

Bench press

This is the ultimate exercise when it comes to developing pectoralmuscles. All you need is a bench, a barbell and sometimes, help from a friend,especially if a lot of weight is lifted. This exercise can also be performed inseveral different ways. If hands are grabbing the barbell close to one another,arms are bit more focused (especially triceps). Torso part of the bench can beelevated and that also changes the way in which muscles contract. Weight should be increasedeach time a practitioner feels that weight lifted is not so strenuous, which isthe basic principle of building muscle mass.

When it comes to the strategy used while building pectoralmuscles or any other, there are two theories. One says that the entire trainingsession should be done without one minute of pause, as fast as possible. Thiswill create a constant tension and contraction in muscles, which should be excellentfor muscle mass building. Other theory says that some short pause can do onlygood because muscles will be prepared for the next strenuous exercise.

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