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Nowadays, lots of people are suffering from hair loss and want to find a way to help their hair grow back again. People understand that vitamins are important in this process. Vitamins like A, C, B6 and B3 are important but vitamin E is important as well.

Vitamin E benefits

Vitamin E is good for hair growth because it prevents the breakage of hair and makes them healthier and shinier. Not a lot of people know that this vitamin is fat-soluble. There are a lot of health benefits that vitamin E provides. Some of the better properties of this vitamin are the antioxidants that it possesses. Antioxidants are important because they protect the cell membranes from damage. There are not that many vitamins that are as good when it comes to prevention of skin, hair and heart problems. Hair loss has become a major problem nowadays and people need to know that it is important to consume more vitamins and minerals every day. The most important vitamins for the hair and the scalp are A, B, C and E.

Sources of vitamin E

There are plenty of foods that contain this vitamin but certain foods have a lot more of it than others. Some of these foods are spinach, nuts, soya beans, wheat germ, sprouts, broccoli, eggs, seeds, avocados and olive oil, among others. Almonds are excellent because not only will they help with hair loss prevention but will also lower the LDL cholesterol levels. Apart from that, they also better the blood circulation in the scalp.

Vitamin E for hair growth

A person who is experiencing hair loss problems can try massaging the scalp with vitamin E oil. Not only will a person enhance the blood circulation but he or she will also improve the supply of oxygen as well. A person can even add jojoba oil. After massaging the scalp, a person should wrap the hair in a towel and not remove it for up to three hours. After that, the hair should be washed with natural or mild shampoo. This should be done once per week.

Supplements and antioxidants

Apart from eating the foods that are rich in vitamin E, people can use supplements as well. If a person’s hair is damaged, he or she can apply the supplements directly to the hair.

Certain factors like smoking and pollution are known to be full of free radicals that will attack the hair and cause baldness, hair loss or graying of the hair. This is another reason why vitamin E is good and that is because it contains antioxidants that will fight the free radicals.

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