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Nowadays, there are various oils a person can buy that are good for something. For instance, lavender oil is good for hair growth and it prevents hair loss. Apart from this, lavender oil is good for the scalp as well. Many people who have used this oil for certain scalp diseases like alopecia said that it helped them a lot.

Benefits of lavender oil

The benefits of this oil for the growth of the hair are not just limited to its fragrance. People who use it are known to use soaps, fragrances and air fresheners that have been laced with this oil as well. The oil is extracted from the lavender plant through the process of steam distillation. Experts say that this oil is beneficial for hair loss because of its power to treat anxiety, insomnia, depression and even loss of appetite.

Lots of experts agree that lavender oil for hair loss is probably the best aromatherapy oil. People use this oil to treat excessive hair fall and they have reported some great results. The oil supports hair growth and prevents excessive hair fall. People simply need to massage the oil to the scalp every day in order to regrow hair. Apart from the hair growth, people who use this oil are bound to sleep better as well. People who sleep better are more likely to avoid suffering from insomnia in the future.

Lavender oil and the scalp

People who suffer from anxiety and depression should apply this oil to the scalp. The calming effect is one of the best things about lavender oil for hair growth. Stress influences hair loss and a person who is no longer under stress will generate the lost cells which help hair regeneration.

Lavender oil for hair growth is a good choice to fight hair loss because unlike most medications or chemical applications it does not have any side effects. Another great benefit of this oil is better blood circulation. Hair cells tend to become sluggish when the blood circulation is not good enough and that leads to hair loss. A person who massages this oil into the scalp will better the blood circulation which will stimulate the hair cells and prevent hair loss. Other uses for lavender oil

This oil is not only used for hair growth. People who suffer from dandruff or an itchy scalp can also use it. A person can even use this oil to get rid of the lice or some other scalp infection.

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