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Hair thinning and hair loss are both quite unfortunate states of affairs, leading to a decrease of one's self esteem along with a decrease of aesthetic appeal affecting this person. Usually, this phenomenon is closely connected with health issues caused by an inadequate lifestyle a person is having. Namely, our nutrition is crucial for the health of our organism, including our hair. Therefore, if we do not have a healthy diet, we are bound to experience hair problems sooner or later.

Alternatively, certain medications may interfere with our hormonal balance and many of them alter certain processes in our body, affecting the health of our hair. Moreover, all these factors trigger a chain reaction since hair loss leads to stress and stress leads to more hair loss. Therefore, react as soon as you notice that your hair is getting thinner or starting to fall out.

Nutrition and Hair

Our hair needs vitamins in order to grow and remain healthy. That being said, we need to provide our bodies with these vitamins. You can either get them through pills or naturally, through proper nutrition. Speaking of our hair vitamins, they include the whole complex of vitamin B, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. So, we need to eat foods rich in these vitamins or take them as supplements, boosting our hair growth and quality.

The Secret Behind Hair Vitamins

Basically, each one of these vitamins is good for some aspects of your hair. Firstly, the vitamin B complex takes care of the growth and health of your hair, keeping the scalp in good condition. Vitamin B3 keeps your scalp blood circulation optimal, delivering oxygen and nutrients directly to the hair. Vitamin B5 prevents hair from aging prematurely and keeps it from falling out. Finally, vitamin B7 secures your hair to hair follicles.

As for other vitamins, vitamin A controls the production of bodily oil which keeps hair lubricated. Therefore, those who have low levels of this vitamin are bound to have dry hair or itchy scalp. Also, vitamins C and E are powerful antioxidants, contributing greatly to prevention of hair loss and thinning.

Where to Find These Vitamins?

You can obtain vitamin A from broccoli, cabbage, spinach, peas, pumpkin, apple, peach, mango, eggs, chicken, fish or beef. Fish also contains vitamin B. Other sources of this vitamin are turkey, lamb, kidneys, liver, barley, whole-grain cereals, milk and nuts. Vitamin C rich foods are whole grains, green leafy vegetables, yogurt and citrus fruits. Finally, you can find vitamin E in wheat and rice bran, green vegetables, papaya, mango, oat and wheat germs.

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