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Everyone wants to have beautiful hair, the type of hair that can be seen on the shampoo adverts. There is an array of choices for hair care on the market today, but how to choose which one is best for your hair, or which ones actually work at all.

The Goodness of Garlic

Humans have known for many thousands of years that garlic can be used for the medicinal purposes. The health benefits of garlic oil are endless, it has dominant antibiotic properties and anti-fungal properties which lend a hand to slay the damaging fungi, virus and bacteria that are in and can harm our body. Garlic can also strengthen the immune system which in turn will help us to battle against a number of infections. Garlic works on your hair by controlling hair loss and developing its texture. The Components of Garlic

Garlic is a great source of sulfur which is a vital part of a lot of diverse kinds of proteins together with keratin. The keratin is chiefly accountable for making the hair stronger. Sulfur is in addition beneficial for improving the skin state on the scalp. Garlic contains selenium which helps the body to utilize the vitamin E. Selenium also destructs the free radicals that cause damage to the cell membranes and consequently offers defense to the scalp. As well as all of that, garlic also has vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin B-1 or thiamine and vitamin B-6. The vitamin C helps with the buildup of collagen which will improve the roots of the hairs. The thiamine assists in the improvement of the blood circulation in the scalp which in turn is fundamental for the hair to re-grow.

Use of Garlic Oil for Your Hair

Most of the time, it is used topically on the scalp which will assist in the healthy growth of your hair. The garlic works because it improves blood circulation to the scalp, takes away harmful toxins from the scalp exterior, as well as makes the hair roots strong. Furthermore, people who are suffering from dry hair difficulty or possess an itchy scalp can also get clear of the maddening signs by using garlic oil. You need to prepare the garlic oil for your hair by soaking the garlic cloves in an olive oil for around a week. After the week you can make use of the oil for a week or two by massaging it into your scalp prior to going to bed. It would be sensible to cover your hair with a shower cap before lying down on your pillow. In the morning, you can wash your hair with a gentle shampoo.

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