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All of us would like to have strong and prominent abdominal muscles. However, our hectic lifestyles full of different obligations and deadlines rarely allow us to visit the gym on a regular basis. Fortunately, you can purchase a stability ball and workout at home, focusing on special abs exercises which will help you get the desired effect, toning your abs perfectly. Yet, you do not need to stop there since stability balls offer numerous other exercising types which can boost the strength and definition of your hips, stomach, back, chest, shoulders and other parts of your body.

Stability Ball Abs Exercises

Most exercises of this type resembles crunches. However, using a stability ball gives you more workout options and is thereby a more effective way of boosting your abs.

You need to get familiar with different types of crunches since there are straight, reverse, oblique and cycle types. Once you know what you are supposed to do, take your stability ball, place it on the floor and lie on it with your back, balancing yourself with your feet. Then, focus on doing the crunches without lifting your back of the ball or allowing the ball to slip.

Secondly, you can perform abdominal rolls and back extensions. Move your torso back whole lying on a stability ball with your hands bent behind your head and your arms parallel to the ground. Stretch your bellybutton towards the spine, keep your back straight and roll the ball forward. It may be hard at first, but stay patient.

Twisting come next and it is a great exercise for the lower portions of your body. Assume the standard push-up position while holding the ball with your feet, gripping it with your ankles. Then, keeping your hands flat on the floor, rotate your body around and twist the waists.

More Exercises for Strong and Prominent Abs

Upper abdomen should not be neglected once exercising with a stability ball. Therefore, use the stability ball for performing chest presses. Alternatively, you can try chest fly, incline chest press, advanced push-ups or even incorporate dumbbells into your workout routine. You may ask a professional trainer for a couple of pieces of advice.

Finally, do not neglect your thighs, since these are also very important exercises for your abdomen. Hip abduction, leg curls, leg extension, rear leg lifts, squats, lunges, and hamstring roles are all yours for enjoying during your stability ball workouts.

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