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Exercising is something that should be done every day, but somehow only few of us actually follow that doctrine which is unfortunate. Increasing physical activity will prevent medical issues that can be very problematic and therefore, should be avoided in any way possible.
First of all, it has to be known what exactly we want to achieve with exercising and whether it is a bulked up body, a lean body, or perhaps, combination of both. There are many options available and final goals need to be set. Of course, fat elimination has to be present if excessive weight exists, that is essential in any type of workout. It can be said that cardio workout presents the healthiest physical activity, especially when it is known that this workout form eliminates fat tissue most efficiently. How does that happen? If a person eats normally, physical activity will need additional energy for the workout and if that cannot be acquired from food, it is taken from the reserves of glycogen. If glycogen is also insufficient, the next tissues used for energy are the excessive fat layers. When it comes to cardio workout, since those exercises use low strength level, exercises can be performed for a long time. This will additionally burn fat and since oxygen is included in muscle contraction, lactic acid does not accumulate fast and therefore, the activity can last longer.
Focusing muscle groups
Certain muscle groups should be emphasized specifically because there might be problems with reducing fat in those areas. Abdominal area is specific, especially when it comes to men, because of the stomach, which can grow a lot if obesity is extreme. But women can also have problems with this area, especially after baby delivery. There are many exercises that can and should be done in order to perfect the abdominal area. So-called love handles (oblique, side muscles) can be especially problematic, because most of the exercises affect frontal abdominal area (with lower and upper abs). Oblique exercises for women are numerous and include many interesting and effective exercises such as side plank, side crunches, side crunches with ball, star sit ups, floor side leg raises, exercises with medicine ball (rotation forms) etc.
Not only exercises, diet could be applied in order to eliminate fat tissue faster, but the caution needs to be present, especially if a person is physically active. In that case, there is a risk of becoming exhausted easily. This happens easier if training sessions are intensive and diet a strict one with very low value of calories allowed.

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