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Playing Softball

If you are a softball player, you probably know how important it is to have strong core muscles. Core stability is crucial for this sport and every softball player needs a good training in order to keep these muscles in good shape.

However, many muscle groups are neglected through most of the weight lifting programs. You need to provide your abdominal and lower back muscles a good workout, including your hip flexors and extensors, as well as abductors and adductors. Upper part of your body is not to be neglected as well.

Regular exercises will keep you safe from injuries and are guaranteed to provide you with an incredible boost in your sport performance.

The Workout

Core stability is best improved through horse stance exercising. Stand on all fours, avoid pressuring your spine and keep the abs, as well as your chin, tight. Then, raise one arm slowly, along with the opposite leg. Keep these limbs straight and lift them slowly to your body height. After 10 seconds of maintaining the position, return to the initial one and do the same with the other pair of opposing limbs. Three sets, with increasing length of holding the position are recommended.

From horse, we move on to stork stance. Balance yourself on your left leg, bending the knee a bit, keeping your belly tucked in. Once you have done this, extend your other leg backwards, moving it towards your hips and bending it at the waist. Then, lift your arms, causing the upper parts of it to be parallel to the floor. Later, repeat, holding for 20 seconds with each leg, making sure your head is relaxed, looking down at the floor.

Cobra exercise follows. Lay down on the floor, your face against it. Make sure your legs are completely straight. Start drawing your shoulder blades backwards, squeezing your glutes, while keeping your arms at the sides with your thumbs looking up. Push your chin in your chest and keep your neck in line with your spine. Twelve repetitions in three sets will suffice.

From the same position you may perform planks. Bend your arms and tuck your hands in your armpits, keeping your abs tight. Then, tighten your buttocks, raising your upper body onto your forearms, keeping it parallel to the floor. Pay attention to your body position and hold it for about 15 seconds, later progressing to one minute in three sets.

Finally, you may lie down on the floor, your face facing the ceiling, shoulder blades pressing the surface below you. Hold a stability ball between your heels and glutes. Once this is done, pull your pelvis towards your ribcage, lifting your behind off the floor. Carefully, place your hips down, doing this very slowly for 15 to 30 times in 3 sets.

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