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Having beautifully shaped body and a set of 6-pack abs is something that most of people dream of. Abdominal fat and excessive pounds that accumulate around the waist line are a serious problem, not only for overweight individuals but also for the slender people. Even the otherwise fit individuals may find it very difficult to shape and tone abdominal muscles and the part of the lower abdomen is the most critical region for most of them. Lower abdominal exercises are often forgotten in a regular workout routine, and still they are very important. Lower abs give the strength and stability at the pelvis, hip and the lower back, which is extremely important for many normal daily tasks such as walking or standing upright. Here are some great exercises for lower abs that can help to get the much desired six-pack.

Windshield Wipers

This exercise is very simple and performed by lying down on the floor. It is advised to use an exercise mat and support the body with arms stretching on the both sides of the body. The legs are lifted straight and pointing towards the ceiling, while the ankles touch. The exercise is performed by moving the muscles as the exerciser is using them to wipe a windshield.


This is a variant of crunches and a great exercise for both abdominal muscles and the spine. It helps to release the tension from the back, decompress the vertebra, and work the lower portion of the abdomen. The exercise is performed by handing on a strong branch of a tree or while gripping a strong bar positioned above the head. If possible, the exerciser should obtain gravity boots for this one and hand upside down while the legs are hooked on the bar. The hands are behind the head and the torso slowly moves towards the knees. This is one of the most challenging exercisers but it delivers fast and powerful effect.

Bicycle Maneuver

This is one of the most frequently recommended exercises for abdominal muscles. It is especially good for lower abs and even the American Council on Exercise states it is the best of the abs exercises. The exerciser lies on the floor with hands beside the head and over the ears. The knee of one leg is rising to form a 90-degree angle, while the other leg extends to about 30 to 45 degrees above the floor. The shoulders are lifted off the mat as the body rotates to touch the knee with the opposite elbow. Switch legs and rotate, continue until it feels comfortable.

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