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Toning Abdominal Muscles

Removing the fat of the abdominal muscles is a process that requires grit, patience and a stubborn attitude, but eventually results in the muscles, that already exist finally come into prominence and shape. To remove fat, a healthy diet is encouraged, but above all, certain exercises should be performed.

Proper dieting and a steady amount of exercise is the key to a better shape. Exercise programs vary, but the ones that affect the lower abdomen region mostly involve reverse abs crunches, leg and knee lifts, V-ups and bicycle kicks.

Recommended Exercises and Methods of Fat removal

A warming up process, in the form of a stretching, is mandatory prior to any kind of physical activity, in order to avoid hurting or spraining any parts of the body.

The first exercise involves lying on the floor and separating the feet about a meter away from each other. Total relaxation and the placement of the hands behind the head are then required. Bend the body slowly so that the head is moving upwards, thus heightening the level of the shoulders as well. It is important to make sure the abdominal muscles are utilized during this process, which should be repeated up to 15 times in one set..

Another method of workout also begins by lying down on the floor. The legs should then be raised, shaping a 90 degree angle that looks like the letter V. The upper body should then rise, with arms stretched so that it is located between the legs. Pressure should be applied to the abs, and exhalation during the ascent is required. This process has the same amount of repetition as the previous exercise.

The final method consists of lying down on the floor, with hands placed to the sides or onto the head. While the legs are raised upwards, the knees should be slightly bent and the ankles crossed. A contraction of abs should then be performed, while straightening the knees and then finally raising the hips from the floor. Upon reaching a height of two inches, the hips should descend back to the original position. This should all be done without the head or shoulders leaving the ground, and repeated 10 to 12 times per set.

Besides the above workouts, cardio workouts can also assist in the process of forming the desired abs shape, as they burn the stomach fat. They are usually more effective than training with weights when concerning abs toning.

Dieting is critical to successfully reducing the amount of body fat, but it only functions in combination with exercises, which should be performed at least three times weekly. In turn, restraint should be practiced when it comes to food, as an irregular, unhealthy diet can completely deny the positive progress of any physical exercise.

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