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As the world of physical activity became bigger, more peopledecided to enter it. This is because with more options available, many peoplecould find some activity that they like and that can help them becomestronger, lose some weight, get in shape etc. One of the latest let’s sayinventions is a exercise ball workout, which consists of stability ball exercises that have become really popular only lately, although they have been present for a long time.

The ball

We are talking about famous medicine, exercise ball, whichcomes in several sizes and colors. Even though it might not look so important,having a ball colored in favorite color can boost the motivation, which isneeded for better performing the exercise and for creating more effort. There aremany exercises that can be done with this instrument and all the body areas can bedeveloped with it. One of the exercises is called exercise ball sit-ups. There are twoways in which this exercise can be done. In the first case, a person needs to be lying on theball with the back, while legs are used for stabilizing the body, bent in kneestoo.

To perform this exercise, the torso is lifted with the back corestill on the ball. Extra strength is needed here for keeping the balance on theball and this is why many people think that using exercise ball might be betterthan performing some exercises. The other method requires from a person to beon the floor on the back with calves placed on the ball. Legs can be stretchedor bent in knees, for a slightly different effect and for different levels ofintensity. The torso is then lifted towards the ball and back. Also, there are some variationsthat include having the ball held with inner thighs or with calves. With the ballin that position, crunches and leg raising can be done. In both cases, arms canbe crossed across the chest or held behind the head (this is the toughestvariation).

The ball and the wall

There are even exercises that might be done with the helpof the wall. One is a standard squat, but this time it is performed with the back close to the wall and with the ball between the back and the wall. When going up, the ballrolls over the wall and then it goes down again as the body is lowered. This isan excellent exercise for keeping the proper posture in all situations.

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