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Most men in the world have a natural longing for building their muscles for the purpose of getting an ideal figure. In this time, it seems that the abdominal muscles are what are popular among men. When you do exercises for the stomach area you will usually concentrate on the upper as well as the lower muscles. You will need time, a good posture and motivation in order to accomplish your desired muscular goal. By doing a flat stomach exercise you will be helping to limit the amount of fat storage around the stomach area. If this is then combined with some workouts that target toning you will soon be looking at well formed abdominal muscles.

The Top Stomach Exercises for Men

To enjoy the results of the best workout regime, you need to combine both strength building workouts with endurance training exercises. As stated earlier, by performing the flat stomach workout you can boost your metabolism, thus emphasizing the process of burning off the fat deposits. The equipment used for abdominal muscle building are the balls, bars and the rings. The most common workouts will contain ball roll backs, ball crunches, ball reverse crunches, ball bicycle crunches, and ball side crunches. Lower Stomach Exercises for Men

Ring and bar exercises are recommended for the lower abdomen, this will also assist in strengthening the oblique muscles, shoulders and the arms. Bar hold techniques make the shoulder and arms stronger. To do this you will need to hold your body up on the dip bars, remembering to keep your arms straight and your feet off of the floor. You need to try to lift both your legs up until they are comparable to the floor. Performing lower abdominal exercises will also focus on the pelvic and the lower back portion of your body. If you are a beginner you will most likely do the corkscrew move which means you will raise the feet at the same time as lying flat on the floor. Afterwards you will be taught to do a pelvic tilt to make the lower torso strong. Once you are flexible you can do the V-ups, which means you will raise the head to your knees, keeping them folded on the floor, so you get the V-shaped posture. To do the hanging knee raise you need to use a chin-up bar, finally the supine reverse crunches are taught to you which will strengthen and shape your abdominal muscles. To do this exercise you need to have your knee bent to a ninety degree angle at the same time as lying on your back. Your hands need to be kept behind your back and then your knees need to be slowly raised in the direction of the chest so that the abdominal's are squeezed.The Best Lower Abdominal Workouts

Workouts that will build muscles on your abdomen are the Corkscrew, the Pelvic Tilt, Hanging Knee Raises, the V-Up, and the Supine Reverse Crunch.

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