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Thigh Muscle

Women need to include a thigh workout in their training. Shaped and toned thighs are something most women want and should have. Women like feeling attractive and well-shaped legs will surely make a woman feel that way. We will teach you how to do thigh exercises at your home and without expensive equipment. Remember that thigh exercises should be incorporated with cardiovascular exercises like jogging and running. Also you can use an exercise bike or dancing for this purpose.

Home Thigh Workouts for Woman

Health can be easily neglected due to the great majority of chores and responsibilities of a woman during the day. No matter the reason for a busy schedule, there are great chances that irregular eating habits will be adopted and this is when the toned legs start to slide away. But some exercises will help to have attractive legs.

First exercise we will talk about is the wall squat and it is done while your back is placed against the wall. The body needs to be straight and the shoulders at feet apart. The weight of the body needs to be equally divided between both legs and toes slightly pointed outward. Then you need to squat, but remember to inhale before you do this and to always keep the back pressed against the wall as you slide. After this, return to initial position and exhale while doing this. Do two sets with ten repetition and your thighs will be toned in no time, because this is one of the most effective exercise for thighs and it can be done at home. Next exercise is called the seated split stretch and it is done by sitting on the exercise mat with legs spread as far as possible. Try to touch your fingers by leaning on the right side and this position should last 30 seconds, during which the hands can be rested on ankles. Do three sets of this exercise with 6 repetitions. Climbing stairs and walking will provide great exercise for the thighs as well as the entire body. Your heart will remain healthy much longer due to brisk walking exercise. Seated butterfly is an exercise done on a mat, and you should sit with back straight and feet soles placed together and pulled towards the body as much as possible. The pressure is then applied on the thighs by putting the hands on the feet. Stay in this position for 20 seconds and the exercise is over.

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