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The fact is that the women who exercise pay special attention to thighs and muscles in this part of the body and they are ready to do everything in order to make it as nicely shaped as possible. Another fact is also that it is nice to see thighs that are nicely shaped, particularly when having in mind that this area is one of the favorite targets of the cellulite. Exercises that affect these muscles can be done at home and they do not even require equipment; it is only important to know which exercises are the most effective, and with correct performance, 4 to 6 weeks will be enough for the first signs of improvement to be obvious and visible. Of course, it will be even better if the person in question introduces healthy diet.

Exercises for thighs that work

Wall squat is an exercise that requires that the upper part of the back is against the wall, while the distance between the feet is similar to shoulder width. Heels need to be near the wall, and then the person should slide down into the squat position slowly. While doing this, it is necessary to inhale slowly, while exhaling is done when returning to the starting position. This exercise is perfect for front thighs.Lunges are done in a standing position while feet are not shoulder width apart, but a little less. With the barbell across the shoulders, the person then steps forward with one leg and lowers the body until the rear knee almost touches the floor. During this movement, it is necessary to inhale, while the person exhales and returns to the starting position by shifting the weight backwards and taking a step back.Seated butterfly is a perfect exercise for the inner thighs, and it is done in a sitting position. The back need to be straight and the soles brought together and pulled close to the body as much as possible. It is enough to hold this position for 10 seconds and it is even more effective if the knees are being pushed down gently.An exercise that is good for both outer thigh and rear thigh is called seated hip twist. The person should sit and straighten the legs, and then the right knee needs to be bent, while right foot is positioned over the left leg. The right knee is the knee around which the arms need to be wrapped, and the same knee should then be pulled towards the left shoulder then. It is enough to hold this position for some 30 seconds, and then repeat it for the other side.

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