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Arms are one of the most noticeable parts of the body and, if they are flabby and saggy, many women hesitate to wear tank tops or short-sleeved shirts. However, flabby arms are easy to improve and tone, it just takes a little time and dedication. Many women fear that exercise for arms will make them look masculine, but that is not true since there are special arm exercises for women only, which do not build muscle and instead they tone it. These exercises are simple and easy and they can be done at home, instead of going to the gym. There are exercises both with and without weights.

Arm exercises for women with weights

Exercises with weights are great because they tone the muscle but they also increase stamina and energy levels. They can be done with dumbbells and with free weights.

Bicep curls

Bicep curls are the basic exercise for arms. They are done in standing position, with dumbbells in each hand. Palms are placed on the thighs, facing away from the body. The elbows are then folded so the hands with dumbbells are brought to the shoulders, and then brought back down again. It is recommended to do two or three sets of ten repetitions.

Triceps exercises

For triceps, another important muscle group of the arms, the best exercise is kickbacks. To do this exercise, the upper body should be bent in hips so that it is parallel to the floor, upper arms lined with the body. The elbow is then straightened so the arm is completely straight, for as long as possible, before relaxing the arm back to the initial position.

Arm exercises for women without weights

For those who do not own dumbbells or do not like exercising with them, there are exercises that can be done at home easily but with great toning effect on the arm muscles. Push-ups and dips are the most popular basic arm exercises for women, without weights.


Push-ups are done on the floor, on the stomach, arms bent and held at shoulder-width apart. With the knees still on the floor, the upper body is then pushed up, back straight, abdominal muscles tight. It is important that the neck aligns with the back. From this position, the body is slowly lowered down to the floor so the chest touches it. This should be repeated ten or fifteen times, in two or more sets.


Dips are exercises for triceps muscles. They are done while sitting on the edge of the chair, with hands on the edge as well. The legs can be either stretched or with the feet on the floor. From this position, the body is slowly brought down towards the floor, like in a squat, with elbows bent and arms parallel to the floor. The body is then brought back to the initial position and the exercise is repeated ten or more times.

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