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If you want to build up your strength in your body then you should look into doing a power lifting regime. On the most part it is athletes that follow this type of regime as it offers a person to have solid strength in their muscles to be able to perform the moves required. Power Lifting Workouts

These are by no means good for you if you have a weak heart. This type of exercise which is unlike cardio exercises, comprise of lifting weights to increase strength in the body. On the most part they are focused on the arms and legs of women. The power lifts need to be done under restricted supervision of a fitness trainer in order to stop injury to the woman’s muscles or her bones.

Tips for Power Lifting Exercises for Women

Strength training is slightly different to muscle building exercises thus why it is important to know what you are doing or be under the strict supervision of someone with knowledge. You should be doing these exercises every other day so you do not cause any unnecessary injury to yourself. Firstly you need to choose the exercises that will target the chief areas such as arms, back, chest and legs. After which you can set yourself on the lifts. You have to choose which weight is right for you so you can do lift four or five times. You should not go straight for the heavy weights as you will only injure yourself. The movements must be smooth without any jerking movements and you should build u slowly and be patient with your body. It is also important to have a rest for a couple of minutes in between doing the lifts. As well as this it is also significant that you warm up correctly prior to doing a lift so you can become more flexible. Power Lifting Workouts for Beginners

On the first day, you can work on your chest and your back. Start with a barbell Bench Press for five sets, after that you can do weighted Chest Dips in four sets and then dumbbell Bench Press in four sets. The next day will be a rest day. On the third day you can work on your legs by doing squat in six sets, then leg curls in four sets, after that you can do a standing calf raise in four sets and lastly leg extensions in four sets. Again, the next day is rest day. The next day you can work on the shoulders and triceps by doing the incline bench press in four sets, then the dumbbell front raise in four sets and finally the dead lifts in four sets.

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