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Everybody wants to have the perfect body. The body that is shown to us in magazines and on the television is the one that we all strive to get. But in today’s age it is somewhat a challenge as the day is always full of other responsibilities that take up all of our time. It is a relief to know that you do not necessarily have to visit a gym, you can adapt some exercises and do them in the comfort of your own home.

Exercises for your Legs

It is important to incorporate leg exercises into any workout regime. Not only because it will make your legs look beautiful but it will also help you to have strong muscles to assist you. Being the proud owner of a pair of toned legs will automatically come with confidence and moat of the time, flexibility. It is a fact of life that with the female species, fat tends to deposit itself in the thighs.

Top Leg Workouts for Women at Home- Wall Squats

To be considered feminine in today’s society, means having in your possession toned legs. One of the top exercises for women’s legs to do at home is called wall squats. You need to stand straight against the wall, facing away from it and your back against it. Your feet need to be shoulder width apart from each other with the toes facing slightly outwards for balance. Ensure your heels stay on the floor and lower yourself, sliding your back down the wall slowly, breathing out on the way down. Always keep your head facing forward and your back straight against the wall. When your hips have reached a parallel level to your knees you can start the return journey back up to the standing u straight position and then repeat the exercise.

Top Leg Workouts for Women at Home- Raise Toe

This particular exercise workout will help you to get a wonderful shape to your lower legs called the calf muscle. You need to stand up straight with your feet at the same width apart as your shoulders. You need to start to slowly raise yourself up off of your heels and allow the weight to be carried on the balls of your feet and feeling the pull down the calf muscles. Now, you can allow yourself to lower back down slowly so your feet are once again flush with the ground. This exercise is easy and does not involve the use of weights or machines. It can be done in your office or at home without anyone knowing.

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