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Exercising is activity that is more and more performed bywomen. Gyms are becoming crowded with women who also desire a strong andattractive body. It is obvious that men will still be dominant when it comes tomuscle mass and bulking effect, but that does not mean that women will fallback much behind. And also, gyms are starting to turn more and more to cardioworkout, installing treadmills, elliptical trainers and other tools that aremore focusing aerobic forms than resistance training.


There are several basic workout forms that can be combinedin dozens and dozens of different training sessions, with effect from muscle massincrease to creating lean muscles. It is important to know what the major planis and to try and fulfill that plan. Also, besides standard exercising forms andinstruments, there are some relatively new things that might help with shapingthe body. One of those instruments is a kettlebell, which is in a form ofa ball with a handle. It is used to replace dumbbells and presents a slightlydifferent workout style; some would say a much more dynamic one.


Kettlebell exercising is all about performing swings.Starting form is performed from a squat position with thighs being parallel tothe floor. Kettlebell is held with both hands between the legs, and whenlifting the torso starts, kettlebell is swung upfront up to the level ofshoulders. When going back down, kettlebell is left hanging between the legs. Thereis also another, similar variation where hands are not lifted in this samesquat exercises, but rather left to extend as much as possible.

Also, there is a form that might be a bit harder, especiallyfor a beginner. It is done by standing normally and ketlebell is raised abovethe head but with using only one hand. From that position, torso is bent to oneside, the one opposite to the hand raising the kettlebell. Another advanced exercise would also start from a squatposition and all that is required is lifting the kettlebell up to chin with one ortwo hands, depending on the level of advancement.

Other options

Using kettlebell is excellent for building strength butthere are also some other things that should be done for perfecting the body.Proper eating is very important. Strict diet should not be applied becausethat will create exhaustion, which has to be avoided if there is exerting physicalactivity present.

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