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Exercising today is both hard and not, hard because physical activity puts strain on the body and does need some time and patience. On the other hand, it is not hard because there are literally hundreds of exercises to choose from, with additional tools and without them. So it is not hard to find out what is the best exercise form and to execute it.


There are many forms today that utilize different instruments while exercising. In the last couple of decades, using extra weight has become planetary popular solution for everyone who wants a fit body and strong muscles. But lately, some other tools emerged, and those provide some interesting options. One of those is the Swiss ball, a large ball with diameter of up to 34 inches. One of the main differences when practicing with the Swiss ball in comparison to regular exercises is that it requires additional strength for maintaining balance. Regular exercises are performed on stable surface, while the ball itself is not flat and needs balancing. Combining that with exercises creates a very good effect.

The ball

One of the additional benefits of the Swiss ball is the fact that many exercises use position in which back is on the ball. This has a great therapeutic effect because it presents a sort of massage, light one, indeed, and what other exercises can say that they make you fit and massage you at the same time? It is said that a ball can create some seriously good effects, especially with abs. There are several ways in which abs can be worked out with the Swiss ball. The Swiss ball ab exercises include several different interesting forms. One technique includes lying down and transferring ball from between the feet to arms. Of course, while performing this, body and arms are stretched as much as possible. This form emphasizes lower abs particularly, but is also good for upper abs and it can be done without arms, just holding the ball with feet and with raising legs, with our without bent knees.

Basic technique would include sitting normally on the ball and then lowering and elevating torso with arms crossed in front of torso or positioned behind the head. As already said, additional strength is needed to keep the balance and strength that usually comes from abdominal muscles. With this said, it is clear that the Swiss ball ab exercises are becoming more and more popular. These exercises can be done at home and in gym and honestly, the ball is a fun thing to play with.

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