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How to get great legs

When exercising, most people want only one thing - to have a perfect body. This is something that is not easily achievable, but it is still something that can be done with some time and a lot of dedication and mental strength. Also, there are some regions of the body that people focus more because they think those areas do need more attention. Generally, those are abdominal area, back area and legs. While abdomen and back are areas that all people perfect sooner or later, legs sometimes present a problem simply because most people think that leg workout is a waste of time, which is a completely wrong thinking.


So, how to get great legs? First of all, it has to be said that term great legs is always different for different people. But, in general, there are two basic ways which can be taken when it comes to developing leg muscles, lean and bulked shape. Lean muscles are made with the help of aerobic exercises (cardio workout), while bulked up effect is gained with the help of additional weight. Cardio workout is using oxygen for prolonging the period of exercising and this is also happening because of the low level of strength needed for performing those exercising forms. Running is one of the best examples of aerobic exercise. Running has the biggest impact on the legs because all muscles in legs and feet are active, and if there is some excessive fat present, fat burning process starts. This process actually uses glycogen first, and when it is depleted, fat tissue is used. 


Besides running, there are several simple exercises that should be done for further toning of the leg muscles and those would be calves raising. All that is required is propping the body on toes while in standing position. It is a simple form, but it is great for calve muscles. Another good exercise is a squat. It starts in a slightly crouching position, legs are just slightly bent in knees and hips are at the knee level or a bit above. The torso is bent forward with arms usually set at side or positioned straight forward in front of the torso. From this position, the hips are going up until the standing position is reached. This can be done with additional weight in the form of barbell placed on the shoulder across the back neck. This exercise is good for quads, but also for calves and all muscles in legs. Of course, using additional weight will create the bulked up effect, while performing it without the weights will create lean muscles.

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