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Cigarette smoking is usually explained as inhaling and exhaling the smoke produced from the burning cigars or cigarettes and pipes. The act of smoking originates from Native Americans, when it was used for the medical purposes and as a part of their rituals, but gradually it was spread all over the world.

Reasons for smoking

Since smoking has many side effects and causes many diseases, many studies and researches have been carried out in order to establish what causes people to choose to start smoking, and they showed that the main reason behind the smoking is depression. These researches also showed that in the majority of cases, one starts to smoke at the young age and after some time becomes addicted. While some adolescent acquires the habit of smoking from their parents who are smokers, there is also a number of adolescents who acquire this bad habit by watching smoking in various films.

The smokers tend to find some pleasure while smoking, and the act of quitting it is a very difficult and possible only for those who are mentally strong. The main ingredient of cigarettes is the main culprit for development of addiction to smoking, and it is estimated that when one smokes for about five months, he/she becomes addicted to the nicotine and thus to the smoking as well.

Effects of smoking

Tobacco is made of even 4,000 chemicals that may cause some health disorder. Some ingredients of the tobacco smoke are nicotine, carbon monoxide and ammonia, as well as aldehydes, acrolien and tar.

The main cause of the lung cancer is tobacco smoke, but unfortunately, the negative effects of smoking do not stop here. Smoking tends to cause cardiovascular and heart diseases, as well as mouth cancer. When a pregnant woman is smoking, it is very dangerous for the health of her baby and it may cause certain serious consequences for the normal development of the baby. The blood flow to the uterus is decreased due to nicotine and when that occurs, the baby in the womb does not get enough amounts of oxygen and nutrients that are necessary, so that even death of the baby may occur in some severe cases.

Passive smoking

Passive smokers are those people who do not smoke by themselves, but nevertheless, they involuntarily do inhale the smoke of those other smokers who are around them. The passive smokers may also develop some disease due to passive smoking, such as heart diseases and breast cancer.

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