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Smoking Your Life Away

Smokers, with each bit of smoke they inhale, are one step closer to a health problem, if they are not already there. This is due to the fact that cigarettes and tobacco in general, contain numerous chemicals which are harmful for our body. Even though many believe that smoking can only cause harm to one’s lungs, there are plenty of other organs which suffer once you smoke for a long period of time. The outcome of this nasty habit is often fatal and it can strike in more places than one.

Lung Damage Due to Smoking

Lungs are damaged in many different ways, once you are an experienced smoker. Namely, you have excessive mucus production which is impossible to be expelled due to reduced lung functions triggered by smoking. This causes chronic coughing and the appearance of excessive phlegm in one’s throat as well. Your lung capacity reduces since your lungs begin getting old before their time. There are other respiratory problems present as well, the worst case scenario being lung cancer. All in all, smoking is a slow killer of your lungs and you are its employer, being on a suicidal mission.

Other Damage Done By Smoking

Next, come mouth and head problems. Tooth decay, mouth complications and bad breath are just some of them. Also, smokers may experience common headaches and, in some cases, a stroke.

Also, blood clots may be created more easily in smokers than in other people, increasing your blood pressure and the danger of a heart failure and other cardiovascular problems. Pancreatic cancer, bladder cancer and numerous kidney and intestinal problems are also trademarks of a successful smoking career. Furthermore, numerous ulcers may appear inside a smoker’s body, due to acid imbalances in his/her stomach.

Finally, death may be the final cause of your smoking cessation, since 40% of smokers die before they quit. Thus, if you are smoking, do not wait for your life to stop your bad habit, but, rather, do it yourself. There are numerous programs and methods created for these purposes. All these conditions mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. Once you are a smoker for too long, you might be too far gone and just waiting for all your underlying diseases to strike you. Thus, take action now and stop smoking before it is too late. Life is more than a bunch of harmful chemicals destroying you.

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