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Stopped smoking and started coughing

Quite frequently when a person quits smoking, they start coughing. This problem is among the most frequently encountered problems that emerge after quitting cigarettes. There are different factors contributing to the emergence of the aforementioned problem.

When a person decides to terminate their smoking career they are quite likely to experience a certain withdrawal syndrome. Too much coughing is among the most frequently encountered symptoms. Some people cough while they smoke, but it is another thing when they cough after they have stopped smoking for good. Sadly, this excessive coughing which emerges after stopping smoking is one of the things which may discourage a person from quitting cigarettes in the first place. One of the tricks of withdrawal cough is that it might provoke the “quitter” to reach out for one “final” smoke of tobacco leaves, and that’s it – they are back to their old habit.

Reasons behind the cough

The cough following the quitting of cigarettes is actually a good thing and a good sign. It indicates that the lungs of an ex-smoker are putting in an effort to cleanse themselves of the residues of the old habit. The intensity of the “post-smoking” cough is directly proportionate to the rate at which the lungs are regenerating. This implies that the person should be more worried when they actually fail to start coughing then when they start hacking.

Sometimes the organism reacts with coughing in order to enable the lungs to cleanse itself of mucus piled up during the smoker’s career. This problem is especially pronounced with people who have smoked for a long time before they stopped. As we have mentioned, coughing after quitting cigarettes is generally a good sign, but in case coughing is persistent you need to consult your physician and see if there is some other reason behind coughing.

Getting rid of the cough

Some people will experience post smoking cough for a longer period of time than other people. It is a highly individual matter. For some people it will last no longer than seven days or so, meaning that their lungs are regenerating quite rapidly. And then again, some people might suffer from this cough for some three or four weeks. In case, the period of post smoking cough is prolonged and lasts for more than a month it is recommended that the person consult their doctor. There are some measures that one can take in order to help themselves get rid of the cough. Different lozenges and syrups are an option to facilitate cessation of cough.

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